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Call for Submissions / The Family Gathering

The Family Gathering is all about community and connection; we are collecting submissions and would love for you to participate. This website exists with the goal of bringing together relatives, sharing stories, family history, art, and promoting connectedness across generations. It is a community remembering those that came before, in doing something that creates that relatedness. It couldContinue reading


Porcelain Carried in a Suitcase From Russia

From a project photographing family collections, by Veronica Olson. See more posts from this series coming soon.    


Dad at age 6

  Mark at age 6, glasses and turtleneck.


Creating Connection One Photo at a Time

Film and photography student Lauren VanDerwerken shares with The Family Gathering how her photoshop skills have allowed her to create an unexpected connection to her ancestors. Growing up I was always amazed by my parents’ knowledge of their family history. We have this hallway in my childhood home that acts as a gallery—it’s full of old family photos, shots from their childhoods and asContinue reading


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